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H3LIUM ZXZ in the future will be very long Adidas against Nike Free and New Balance 574 running main force for a period of time, in order to comfort with a length of Balance New, Adidas will light the theme this season to play to the extreme, this pair of H3LIUM ZXZ will be Adidas function shoes ever light, and one type of special design is the sole integrated pattern of ZXZ, as in how to feel, only waiting for Christmas.

in order to catch up with the Christmas boom, Adidas Originals will officially release H3LIUM ZXZ shoes at christmas. Called the adidas brand in the history of light running shoes in addition to focus on a variety of quality performance in adidas shoes, more use of the football shoes vamp design F50 technology so that the overall shape is more simple, the stability of blue tone sole bright has better than the general running shoes. With the permeability of the shoe body to ensure comfort and light, nine color series will be in December 25th in the Adidas Originals store officially on sale, and in December 15th Shopadidas started to accept reservations, in addition also comes with a pair of shoes with Adidas and Sennheiser joint headset, Adidas version of the iPod Nano, LIMITED edition U disk and other items. Interested friends must seize the opportunity!

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, following the Chicago Air Jordan 1.5, came in again with a new color "The Return".

new color YISHION black build vamp, detail part uses different material, in order to highlight the layering of shoes.

AJ1 shoes blend AJ2 soles of the mixed presentation, presumably in the history of AJ sales must be rare style ~


color: Black / light brown

number: 768861-008

release date: September 19th

offer price: $150

in order to make "Shu Shang" culture more powerful at the product level, AOKANG established the research center of Shu shang. According to reports, Acbel is the Olympic Research Center (CFI) is a research institution for AOKANG's shoes product development established by the consumer to feel, shoe fashion trends and innovation of science and technology, as the main research topic, the goal is to create a comfortable and stylish shoes products. CFI will do a lot of research, long-term understanding of the true feelings of consumers wearing, comfort from the foot feel the psychological needs of consumers, multi-level understanding of consumers. According to the diversification of consumer demand, the CFI team constantly improve the shoemaking technology, combined with the principle of action mechanics and human engineering, research and development of new materials and models, subtle changes in persistent styles. In addition, hired senior fashion consultant for consumers to capture the latest international trends, with a keen sense of fashion and forward-looking vision, to control the season shoes style to create a comfortable and fashionable life for every consumer.

it is understood that in the future, guide brand that under the new AOKANG shoes will be "comfortable fashion" as the core, innovation based on the continuation of the previous product characteristics, draw more fashionable elements, in order to work fine between comfort and fashion sense of taste and find the perfect fit, in order to achieve the "perfect" Neiwaijianxiu, complement each other. To provide consumers with both comfortable and fashionable shoes.

according to the insiders, "Shu Shang culture" will become the future people advocated by the mainstream way of life, is bound to set off a round of "Shu culture is" the wind in the apparel industry. This time, AOKANG took the lead in setting up a culture of "Shang Shang culture", which not only brought more healthy choices to consumers. At the same time, for the development of the apparel industry also played a very good leading role. (Zhejiang shoe - Sweet edit)

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