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runs quite simple: isn't it just going out with running shoes? Of course, there is no doubt that it is one of the most easily engaged sports in the world. But if you carefully, you will find in the running in a world filled with every kind of rumors and myths and misunderstandings and nonsense!

, therefore, starting today, we will expose some of the most common running myths for you, and let you know which are worth believing, and which are purely nonsense. This matter should not be delayed. following are some common misunderstandings, running more harm than good:

1, you need a certain type of body

if you think you are not skinny or too old to start running, or do not usually have those famous runners' slender legs and plan to give up the sport, then throw away all of those wrong ideas. The truth is: running, you don't need a particular shape at all.
The fact that
is: anyone can be a runner - regardless of age, weight, sex (it can fill all your excuses here)... Wait��

in other words, there's no such thing as perfect running.

you can run as long as there are no serious injuries. Even if you are really in bad shape or couch potato, as long as you remember, you can run from "today" at any time. In a few weeks, you can see real improvement.

all you need is your body (no matter what your body is), the right running shoes, and going out!

still don't believe it? Well, let's go to the game at the scene. You'll find that there are a lot of contestants of all kinds and ages in the sun.

conclusion: do not sit down and lament fate or genetic defect, stand up, go out, start running. That's all you need.

follows the right way,

if you are a beginner, it needs to be noted that you must start slowly at the beginning, and maybe even in the first few weeks you are just walking. After you get stronger, you can start running some running according to the running / walking training until you can't breathe continuously for 30 minutes.

2, you should always stretch the
before running
stretching is very important for runners. (of course, athletes from all other sports), but static stretching is the best way to start exercise.

in fact, you may hurt yourself in the process of stretching your muscles statically - especially when you are stretching the muscles that have not been preheated.

besides, static stretching before running may also affect your running state. According to a study published in the Journal of strength and training research, a group of runners who have done a set of static stretching exercises before running and > >

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