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The 6 - month - old boy and her mother made a flat support with their mother for 34 seconds.
according to the British "Daily Mail" reported on February 22nd, recently, Louisville, Kentucky in the United States 6 month old boy Ron McGowan? (Rowan McGowan) in mom and do yoga tablet support, adhere to the 34 seconds, very great!
According to
, Ron's mother Dana is a yoga instructor, and she is very proud of her son. It was seen in the video that she continued to cheer for her son and adjust her son's posture. Ron is also very awesome, upon completion of the first flat support up to 34 seconds after want to do a little, but his arms and legs are a little hold on.

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from the last century to 60s before people crazy happy but along the way but don't drink anything, now supplies a variety of sports nutrition science has been evolving, but some things are never out of date. No matter how big brands change, there are some principles: simple carbohydrates, electrolytes, caffeine, carbohydrates and protein ratios, and proteins for recovery.
, look at some of the important milestones - how they come up and the value for today's runners:

01 and 1965 sports drinks

until 1960s, the athletes did not know the importance of filling water, and the marathon runners were not allowed to drink water before midpoint. But when the University of Florida football coach asked fellow and M.D. Robert Kidd (high school 1 miles to run 4 minutes and 20 seconds) in hot weather, how can we improve the player's athletic state, which is recommended to add a cup of sugar, glucose, sodium, potassium and phosphate (sugar and electrolyte). Sports drinks began to prevail.

today's significance: carbohydrates increase liquid absorption, help focus and delay fatigue. You have to drink a little more than 60 minutes.

02, 1978 coffee
Since the end of the 70s, Dr.
and Dr. Kirsti M have published some research results. Those studies show that caffeine can increase stamina. So the marathon runner drinks coffee before the race. In 2008, extreme sports beans became one of the first sports nutritions containing caffeine, which contained 50mg caffeine in each bag. Now, you can get it from sports drinks, snacks and gels.

today's significance: the latest research confirms that caffeine can keep the mind sharp and release free fatty acids (this is a reserve glycogen reserve that helps you run longer), making it easier to run harder and is not a diuretic. Some runners only use coffee on the day of competition as an incentive, but try it in training first, so that you will know how it affects you.

03 and 1986 energy rod

Blaine - Maxwell is the top marathon runner in Canada at the end of the 1970s and early 80s. At that time, he began to try to maintain the supply of carbohydrates with portable blood glucose level game. He and his teammates began to spread the experience of oat bran, sugar and protein, which began to prevail among the circle drivers and then throughout the rest of the world. Soon the player was Maxwell energy bars attract, and now from the super horse to office workers have become the major brand customers.

today's significance: the energy bar is aimed at every runner, either a vegetarian or a fan of the primitive diet. Some brands are even marking natural food. Pay attention to sugar content - some of the sugar in disguise >

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