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After the end of December when
reported Undefeated X Puma Suede Mid blue shoes, now published photos of other three exposure. It seems that this series of 4 color Puma Suede Mid will be published in the near future

Recorded Brandon Jennings elements of the past Under Armour Micro G Bloodline Signature Series, naturally, to his hometown Compton (Compton, California) tribute colors. Compton "red" Bloodline the whole shoe body, whether it is leather uppers, or mesh lining, tongue, to sew on the tongue of the signs, bandages, laces, heel and midsole, are all red hot, Velcro is a gorgeous pattern. The heel UA logo and outsole are very clear because of the clean white color. The "Compton red" UA Micro G Bloodline is now on sale at Finishline.

What does Haruki think of when he runs from time to time?

I began to consciously understand when Haruki Murakami was about to begin by knowing that he was a self disciplined and temperate writer. Before that, I read three novels and two essays, but I always felt that they were far away from the American novels. Therefore, they also had estrangement from writers who wrote such novels. Let alone listen to jazz and blues, they really went too far.

really liked him. After he started running, he heard many times earlier, "what do I talk about when I run?" By the time it was finished, it was six years since the book was published, thinking that a lot of things have changed. But good works like essays and essays should be more clarified after being polished by time.
Haruki is a running enthusiast.At the beginning of this year,
started going to the gym with a fitness card, and the most done was cycling and running. The frequency is not much, before October, the monthly average amount of exercise can keep 8 times, each time 1.5 hours, on average only two times a week, plus time on the road, the monthly cost in sports time, about 20 hours, day and night to complete. The rest of the time had been done, and almost no trace was found. I thought it had reached a good state at the present stage, but slack could easily affect action. This good state does not mean much benefit from sports. What I like better is the blank process. These views have been well echoed in this book.
was thirty-three years old, Haruki Murakami wrote three novels before and after his novels in the literary world, and got a lot of praise. But it was very fast and had a loss of strength and weight. So it was decided to start running after writing "the adventures of sheep", and this time, of course, was no longer young. At least in our eyes, in this age of men, mostly business into a relatively stable period, little attention can still find at the age of more than 20, the suave scene, but there are also some irreversible, or without care to aging.
's running delayed him.
wrote, "it's very important for many things to be able to meet their own standards. How about others can prevaricate, your heart is not smooth." Apart from the family, this is a key part of the two, we are trying to achieve a common standard, in addition, people want to do, only about face and please yourself. Whether it is chasing sharpening or greedy for ease, I hope to follow your own heart and enjoy a good process.

is on him - I am the kind of person who likes to be alone, to express it accurately, to be the kind of sex that is not too bitter to be alone. One or two hours a day with no one to talk to, alone in silent running or silently writing, I do not feel difficult, nor do I feel that >

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