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UA sponsor and crown will be 24 top players in this weekend at the Venice Beach high school in the all star game, and the sponsorship of the shoes will be on Thursday in the initial public offering, all participating players will wear the equipment equipped with news group UA when Micro G technology has been introduced in the bottom of the Micro G Torch this pair of shoes, uppers by wave point design, UA Logo also followed by using the 3M material, Ortholite material in the bottom of the insole, equipped with full palm Micro G patented foam cushioning material, midleg TPU enhanced the stability of stable piece of shoes. In the technical challenge, you'll see the Micro G Torch in red and blue. As for the elite, there will be different styles of shoes. They're on sale this week, at $89.99.

2012-8-23 12:05 upload and download attachments (155.51 KB)

2012-8-23 upload and download attachments at 12:05 (285.97, KB) Nike Nike Blazer Mid recently exposed 77 PRM VNTG new products, shoes with brown tiger camouflage color collocation, black tongue and heel decoration, fluorescent green leather Swoosh is to bring a lot of this sense of vitality, and white shoes, shoes brand labels and classic large sulfide the bottom is a refreshing feeling to shoes. The new number of 537327-300, now the European retailers endclothing.

A year back to the track, a photo

, if you don't believe in miracles, this story may change your mind: a 57 year old American man died suddenly after a half horse end, and he died miraculously after 19 minutes' clinical death. Now, he returned to the field, celebrating the rebirth of the New 1st anniversary, and again thanks to the rescue of his doctors.

this is indeed a miracle. When the half field have been players because of death of Marseille cardiac arrest news, a 58 year old man from the Phoenix as we staged a "rebirth" scene.

February 2015, 57 year old Joseph · Marquez took part in the Phoenix half marathon in his hometown. When he passed the end of the line, his heart attack fell to the ground, and the volunteer sent him to the clinic in time, when he had had a sudden cardiac arrest.
Av Ritter, the
medical director, immediately carried out a cardiopulmonary resuscitation and sent him to the hospital after the medical staff arrived.

in the emergency center, the doctors made a group of films for his heart and artery. They were surprised to find that 3 arteries of Marquez had been seriously obstructed, which reached 95%, 90% and 85% respectively. To this end, they performed an emergency aortic balloon counterpulsation.

miracles appeared. After 19 minutes of "clinical death", Marquez survived. A few days later, he woke up on the bed and the first question was not "where am I?" Or "what's going on?" But "how much do I have?" Did you run into 2 hours?

when the medical staff told him that his final score was 1 hours, 59 minutes and 50 seconds, Marquez raised his hands and shouted, "Yes!"

maybe he could now laugh and look back, but he was fully aware that he was lucky to be alive!

he couldn't remember what happened after 7 miles (11.27km), and of course not knowing that he had been "dead" for 19 minutes. At that time, he was likely to have brain damage, but after placing 3 stents, he recovered two days after the race and was discharged from the hospital 1 weeks later.

since then, Marquez has started training, although the heart is still in recovery, but he has returned to the runway.

Marquez was very grateful to the medical staff who saved his life. After 1 months of recovery, he reunited with those who had saved his life. And 1 weeks ago, he rejoined the medical staff in this year's Phoenix half marathon. He wants everyone who is involved in helping him to know that he is still alive.
has been reunited with the doctors at the first aid center, "for a long time, there are still many life-saving people I have never met before. I think at least I can thank all those who helped me." Marquez said.


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