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this time, the shoes got very hurried, and the pictures were taken in a hurry. Since I got the micro-blog, I don't seem to be so keen on posting. I don't know if everyone has the habit. Ha-ha�� brought this pair today. It's the latest hot Under Armour Charge BB. As the NBA China clippers, the main center DeAndre Jordan is Under Armour spokesmen, and in Shanghai also has the current only one UA store. So when DeAndre Jordan enters the store, it seems that they can be seen everywhere, whether they're intentional or not. Today, this pair of shoes is said to be sample, but the size is US10. It doesn't seem quite right. What about him?! Let's look at the pictures together. traditional 4 side with outsole:

super high, high to exaggerated upper, the specific function is not clear, but I personally wear experience: pseudo high gang. What in the world is so false? In general, the vamp to sole connection has only laces, and only one buckle. It's too tight and the upper part is leaning forward naturally. It's loose and it doesn't work. And the heel does not have TPU for reinforcement. The pseudo name you deserved. sole:
The bottom of
MicrG, provides a good cushioning system, in the bottom of the TPU embedded in the middle of the bottom of the crystal before and after, and depression, TPU provides the maximum possible shape the torsional and bending without sacrificing outsole. The bottom is made of hard crystal bottom. The outer substrate is very similar to the outer bottom of the AF25. So abrasion resistance.. Think it yourselves. Ha ha, and this is also my favorite place, of course, conservation has always been the most commendable place UA. The fly in the ointment is that the midsole is too prone to fold. For the past year, many brands of shoes seem to be like this, and the midsole creases very clearly. inner boot:

formed a shoe heel and tongue, can not be called in boots, because this is not wrapped in shoe boots below, before and after each one memory sponge, what? Pads? Water absorption is enormous at any rate. Function? Hear nothing of�� The shoes are still well made. insole: insole is very thick, but this can only be for reference, after all, not a counter out of shoes, accessories may not be used at the time of the market insoles, but this time to bring the insole thickness is very thick, and the flexibility is very good. I hope the listing can be like this. Personally, I like the insoles with better elasticity.


today NBA finals in the first game, and Meng God library also usher in new shoes paper, personally on foot a new sneakers! Under Armour headed his spokesperson in the finals for the new Curry 4 Signature shoe, the shoe body in white color purity, in the end use of golden ink rendering, UA Logo and SC Logo also has golden embellishment, finally to pale blue crystal bottom end. The use of tailored design of new, and integration of the new material and design of woven socks look, give a person a kind of soft and comfortable feeling!
unfortunately, the official has not yet released this Under Armour Curry 4 release information...

Wade watched the University of Miami NCAA match against Duke University today with a pair of brand new Lining Wade 2. Pink shoes with white bottom, black detail and black and white, dizziness, camouflage lining embellishment, which shoes overall is very brisk. Wade, the Lining brand of the new all colors, has no 2 release information. # G/} H1 L, I J N5 C! #) H6 b% f: M

, such as Air, Max, or Zoom, are being used more and more in running shoes. The latest Nike Air Max Tailwind+ 5 uses a multi air, midsole, from the toe to the heel is covered with air cushion. Color used a combination of gray and orange, with translucent grey mesh material covering the internal orange shoe body, is a partly hidden and partly visible, the whole atmosphere of bright shoes, equipped with multi air cushion also ensures a comfortable foot feeling.

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