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library new boots dubbed the 2.5 number, this pair of Under Armour Curry 2.5 upon exposure to harvest the hot attention!

day before the netizen again exposed three new color.

compared to the low-key full black color matching, the new three colors, which do you prefer?
in the commercial color of the NBA arena, someone had been smart to predict the birth of "Yao Ming", but this time, few people expected Jeremy Lin's appearance.

since last week, Chinese basketball player Jeremy Lin's basketball storm has attracted worldwide attention. While its value soared, the enormous commercial value behind it is being explored.

Jeremy Lin wins 10 days, his Twitter fans jumped several times, Baidu encyclopedia, click on more than 4 million 400 thousand times; the Nicks game ratings soared 66%, operation Jeremy Lin belongs to the team of Madison garden rose 10.23% in 10 days, even Jeremy Lin's sponsor, Nike shares rose 1.7%...... According to Forbes magazine, Jeremy Lin's current personal market value has soared to around $14 million. At present, domestic and international sports brands including NIKE and PEAK begin to contact Jeremy Lin's advertising endorsement.

"for the Chinese, Jeremy Lin's wonders have gone beyond sports.". As long as we can maintain a relatively stable state, he will not only get the team NBA to provide the huge compensation contract, will get considerable endorsements and other benefits, and may even allow the NBA to rise in China and Asian markets." A large basketball interactive website CEO Zhong hang said.

NBA or increase $80 million

before February 5th, almost no one knows who Jeremy Lin is, and on Valentine's day night at the last 0.5 seconds of a "three pointer", let the Chinese basketball boy put him in the NBA to create a miracle to continue "six in a row". Jeremy Lin.

in the NBA official website mall, Jeremy Lin's Jersey has been placed on the recommended home page, printed LIN T-shirt is priced at $24.95, even more than Nicks star Anthony is also high, but in the past week, its online sales have increased by more than 30 times.

"Yao Ming's experience reveals that NBA still has significant market potential in Asia, yet to be developed."." Zhong Hang told reporters that business acumen NBA clearly aware of. In fact, since Yao Ming's injury and retirement, NBA's appeal to the Chinese market has waned.

reports from foreign media confirm the view. According to Forbes magazine, if NBA rookie Jeremy Lin can maintain good performance and continue until next season, then the 2012~2013 season, Jeremy Lin's economic value may total $150 million. The economic value mentioned here is only aimed at the NBA market in the United states. With $3 billion 800 million in the NBA2010~2011 season, considering Jeremy Lin's market and his connection with China, NBA is in the 2012~2013 race only on international television rights

Lu Xun's culture run

is reported that the 2016 Lu Xun culture running event will start in October 30, 2016 at four stations in Shaoxing, Nanjing, Suzhou and Shanghai. The registration of athletes will also start in September 12th. The organizing committee has commissioned the signing channel that loves to burn the proxy with full power. This Lu Xun culture run event will be set up ShaoXing Railway Station: 4 kilometers Mini run, 13.5 km run (to commemorate the 13.5 anniversary of Lu Xun's birthday), Nanjing, Suzhou, ShangHai Railway Station: 8 km run.

2016 Lu Xun culture running is a charity running activity that advocates the concept of charity and inherits Lu Xun spirit. This activity does not set up a rank or time. It encourages everyone to persist in the whole run and run away from the spirit of persistence and become the backbone of China.

field runway will in turn set: cry station, station, station, chaohuaxishe wandering weeds 4 station site, "vertical" reading Lu Xun, "panorama" shows Lu Xun cultural charm, site respectively throughout Lu Xun's literary career the four most classical works set, corresponding with the biography, create a "mobile the Lu Xun Culture Museum", deepen the runners on Lu Xun's works to create a memory at the same time, through time, review of Lu Xun's life atmosphere.
During the
registration, the activity was selected to be available to the official website (

registration costs refer to the following form: the organizing committee has the right to decide whether to accept the registration according to the application. As soon as the registration is successful, the event can not be changed, and the registration fee is not refundable.


activity project


ShaoXing Railway Station

4 km Mini run

40 yuan / human

13.5 kilometre run

60 yuan / human

Nanjing, Suzhou, ShangHai Railway Station

8 kilometre run

50 yuan / human

two, group registration

more than 10 people for group registration, the registration fee is 20 percent off

2016 Lu Xun culture running organizing committee

September 12, 2016

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