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Under Armour from the 96 year to tight T along the way so far, to enter the basketball shoe market, a new milepost in the fall is known, the new Under Armour Mobtown - the first pair of UA shoes released. Marks outside of the UA sports shoes casual shoes plate iconic shoes, shoes in the classic atmosphere to create a black full grain leather, with velvet lining and the comfort of the iconic Micro G in the end, let the shoes have basketball shoes cushioning comfort. How do you feel about this simple UA casual shoes? Download (175.02 KB)
"From here," Game On, World NIKE+ opens the world Stadium (click on more photos)
released by Nike's "the battle" (Game On, World) activities of new videos will show the perfect NIKE+ digital technology and the combination of "the sports world battle" (Game On World) is a new challenge to the Nike company recently introduced the experience, the experience inspired by the innovation of science and technology NIKE+ the latest evolution. Nike launched the company in June 29th, NIKE+ Basketball and NIKE+ Training as activists create two new NIKE+ sports experience, and combined with the NIKE+ Running and NIKE+ Fuelband, by NikeFuel of the general momentum units for the ecosystems, activists established a full set of digital encourage exercise, inspire, stimulate competition.

"the battle" (Game On World) is a promo for Nike opened the campaign, in a virtual game world and the real world are mutually staggered, showing NIKE+ perfect motion and digital technology integration, and it provides service and experience for different levels of movement. In this film, we can see that the hero collects NikeFuel points through a series of challenging tasks through his NIKE+ equipment. In these challenges, including over two ultimate customs figures, inspired by the two figures are from the reality of life in the "mission impossible" starred in films such as the American movie star? Raimes (Ving Rhames) and has been crowned in Lebron on the court? James (LeBron James). And our heroes are trying to beat the two big men with their NIKE+ Basketball gear.

"World On" (Game), which challenges all athletes to create their best records, and to knock it down, refresh. Since July 27th, www.nike.com.cn/gameonworld has shown its leaders on the list of competing leaders to encourage and inspire them. This summer, NIKE+ will continue to launch a challenge from the world's elite athletes.

each NIKE+ experience has its unique way of measuring, thereby stimulating users to challenge personal best record. If you're a runner, "the battle" (Game On World) project will encourage you to run more than ever; if you are a Nike+ FuelBand user, your goal is to create new records every day; if you are a basketball player, you will want to have a flight leap, and use the display mode to upload your dunk clips, you share the virtuosity; if you choose to tap their own potential and persistent enough > looks like Nike Sportswear has been the protagonist of our news throughout the 2008, from new stores to clothing and shoes, even to art shows and events, none of which is headline news. Mr. Kim now and we have exposed a Nike Sportswear ACG Blazer in advance, of course, this is not just because he is Nike Sportswear and ACG series of mixed shoes, more is because the shoes used a similar lizard general bright orange light leather. There is no official information about the shoes, which is expected to be available at the NSW store in 2009. download (28.99 KB) 2008-11-06
download (27.43 KB) 2008-11-06

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