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0.jpg (140.59 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-12-29 upload at 17:08 1.jpg (137.07 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-12-29 upload at 17:08 2.jpg (154.56 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-12-29 upload at 17:08 3.jpg (126.62 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-12-29 upload at 17:08In order to welcome the coming fall, Livestock, a Canadian fashion designer, has worked with New Balance to build the Japan theme series. For the time of cooperation between the two sides has selected the popularity of MRT580 as a blueprint, respectively in Japan stone, sand and soil as inspiration, and selection of suede, leather and breathable mesh, inspired by the corresponding color fusion to create shoes uppers; also adding 3M reflective elements and supplemented by the details of the bottom dotted jet. Friends of interest in this series are now available through Livestock stores and online stores. 0.jpg (808.57 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-7-30 upload at 17:42 1.jpg (673.7 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-7-30 upload at 17:42 2.jpg (663.88 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-7-30 upload at 17:42 3.jpg (319.93 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-7-30 upload at 17:42 theme, 2014, autumnrecently, Adidas Originals famous designer Markus Thaler launched a set of Adidas Originals "The Legacy of Craftsmanship" suit, including many Adidas Originals representatives of the image of shoes. Including a black white red decoration adding a touch of ADIDAS ORIGINALS TORSION ATTITUDE Derek - Ross Memorial new, a white leather Italy collocation blue and grey suede shoes head A air jordan 11 space jam for sale DIDAS ORIGINALS SAMBA Messi Memorial new, there is a black canvas material collocation of white midsole and heel ADIDAS ORIGINALS rap embroidery wings PRO SHELL singer SNOOP DOGG to commemorate the new, the last one is the collocation of circular pattern pink striped black with white leather ADIDAS ORIGINALS COURT STAR Caroline Wozniacki Memorial new. There is no information on this package, and our favorite friends can keep a close eye on our follow-up reports. 2012-9-18 11:10 upload and download attachments (112.3 KB) 2012-9-18 upload and download attachments at 11:10 (86.31, KB) 2012-9-18 upload and download attachments at 11:10 (123.26, KB) 2012-9-18 upload and download attachments at 11:10 (126.4, KB) 2012-9-18 upload and download attachments at 11:10 (123, KB) 2012-9-18 upload and download attachments at 11:10 (179.77, KB) 2012-9-18 upload and download attachments at 11:10 (124.66, KB) 2012-9-18 upload and download attachments at 11:10 (222.88, KB) 2012-9-18 upload and download attachments at 11:10 (106.7, KB) 2012-9-18 upload and download attachments at 11:10 (95.74, KB) 2012-9-18 upload and download attachments at 11:10 (113.2, KB) 2012-9-18〉 don't think KOBE has been reimbursed this season; we can't see him in the Kobe 9 Elite scene. The day before there is a KOBE in 's photos of Kobe 9, Elite, Detail are placed online, gray plaster style Kobe 9, Elite " Detail" color non all-match, on foot can only say handsome! Size? X Converse Breakpoint OX series exposed 2014-10-27 16:54:03 CONVERSE each time with the famous British shoe store SIZE? The shoe money that cooperation rolls out can always be in the market to blow a tide, believe this is not exceptional also. The day before the two sides once again launched CONVERSE Breakpoint OX joint series, with its cla buy cheap jordans online ssic retro shoes Converse Classic Trainer as a blueprint, to pay tribute to the classic shoes. The shoes are made of rough suede, and the white logo Logo is used to bless the shoes. This has created 5 color matching, has been in some online shop shelves, like friends can pay attention to the next. ICNY x PUMA Trinomic R698 reappearance future function 2015-10-02 15:17:16 earlier PUMA and New York functional sports brand ICNY joint received good response, the two sides to classic shoes Trinomic R698 as the blueprint, once again launched a deep cooperation. Shoes are made of light weight explosion proof nylon materials, and they are wrapped with reflective strips in the upper part of the car line. They have a sense of the future under the irradiation of the light. Continuation of this joint shoe has been registered at designated stores for sale, but there is no news at home. ?Puma by Rihanna Creeper tricolor sale information 2016-09-27 12:08:12 Puma by Rihanna Creeper, before once again released three new color, the shoes to the iconic design and the bottom, upper added hot blonde Logo, also showed great winds. And it's very popular with the style of the player's favorite design, I believe it can also make everyone crazy for it. It is learnt that the shoes will be sold in designated shops in September 29th, and everyone interested in it will be able to pay attention to it. 〈br nike="" system="" for="" upgrading="" china="" official="" website="" in="" july="" 29th="" will="" be="" temporarily="" closed="" one="" day="" 2015-07-25="" 10:12:52 day before Nike Chinese district official website officially issued a notice to the national sneaker, Nike decided in July 29th 9 in the morning on the day of -30, temporarily shut down the site, it is reported that this is in order to enhance the web site f foamposites for cheap or the day of the experience, the order will be postponed one day delivery. Although we still do not know the specific upgrade which a piece of "experience", but this may be for sale to the registration system after the preparation, sneaker also hope to hold to tolerance and understanding of the view of the matter. Leather aging effect Horween x New Balance 990v2 Made in USA 2017-01-16 16:05:20 shoes provided by Horween Leather Factory, America's top leather factory wine red top leather making, and add rich red leather texture details, leather are due to different degree and effect of the old foot is not the same, to make shoes more words in the one and only, tongue leather printing pressure, in the end the ABZORB brand patent cushioning material, can absorb the reaction force, and converted into force next movement, to save the physical effect. The shoe is now available for sale at a price of $340. Nike X SIZE? X Dave White three party joint series offering information 2016-08-31 12:10:37 and Jordan Brand and Nike maintained an excellent relationship with Dave White, Nike and SIZE on the front again? Brought us two very artistic Air Max 95 DW. The designer found inspiration from the forest hares and landscapes, rendering them on the uppers with a painting style. It is reported that this series of shoes will be landed in September 16th designated shop sales, you interested friends may wish to pay attention to the next. ??????fitflop hyka sandals Roberto Cavalli Spring Ready to Wear Collection Gallery Style com nobis cartel jacket toronto Super cute and easy jelly roll quilt with square in a square blocks Since the finished blocks are x I d say this is x hyka sandals Roberto Cavalli Spring Ready " /〉 nike air flight classic mens basketball shoes Roberto Cavalli Spring Ready to Wear Collection Galle cheap jordans for sale ry Style com onitsuka tiger store locator Roberto Cavalli Spring Ready to Wear Collection Gallery Style com stephen dweck bronze earrings Roberto Cavalli Spring Ready to Wear Collection Gallery Style com dollar glasses return Be Inspirational Mz Manerz Being well dressed is a beautiful form of confidence happiness amp politeness fitflop hyka sandals Roberto Cavalli Spring Ready to Wear Collection Gallery Style com BlackCat is a nickname for fresh Jordan is known as a black cat, the inspiration for the design of the Air Jordan will soon be commercially available, including Air Jordan 6 and Jordan 13 Air early next year. We have seen before joining 3M Air Jordan 13 Retro reflective material & quot Black; Cat& quot; now, at the end of the first sale is Air Jordan 6. Air Jordan 6 & quot Black; Cat& quot; number: 384664-020 release date: December 30, 2016 price: $$140 in addition, another double GS version of Air Jordan 6 on sale. Air Jordan 6 Retro GS & quot Purple; Dynasty& quot; number: 543390-509 release date: December 30, 2016 price: $$140 Air Jordan 6 GS Purple Dynasty deep purple color, and also with a charming. The overall effect of deep purple fur with upper cover, just outside the bottom with white color to do some. The same shoelace lock is purple, attach a small white flying target. is not the end, a wave of GS is still on the road! Air Jordan 6 Retro GS & quot; ATMOS& quot; this shoe is borrowed from that classic Air Max 1 & quot; Atmos& quot;. Air Jordan 6 Retro GS & quot; ATMOS& quot; . Air Jordan 6 Retro GS & quot; ATMOS& quot; number: 384665-122 release date: unpublished price: unpublished woman who don't stop ~ go up Air Jordan 6 GS "Pantone" number: 543390-407 release date: unpublished price: $140 $ is so fresh color is indeed very suitable for girls love shoes, l cheap air jordans ight blue water is very beautiful and pure temperament. Finally, with a clean white in the bottom end, more elegant. Air Jordan 6 GS Heiress& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - News Analysis] Following the August announced is not beautiful interim results and lowered forecast of sales, recently, the German sports brand giant Adidas once again announced that will cut Results for the full fiscal year guidance. Investment Advisor in the retail industry researcher Du Yanhong think, Adidas performance twice lowered full-year forecast, reflecting the market environment is increasingly severe, the company earnings growth will slow. Removing the influence of interest rates in emerging markets, especially China market performance as expected, or the main factor. Whether it is for international brands or domestic brands, no one would deny that China's garment industry into the "winter" of reality. Companies need to do at this time is only acquired internal strength, to find enough energy to keep warm. The key part of that - the front-line sales staff. They played a pivotal role in the sales process. According to preliminary statistics, the impact between the product and the sales staff on product sales can reach 20% and 80% share. However, the Chinese apparel end combat training expert Wang four after a lot of investigation found that many clothing store shopping guide actually expel customers in a day. "Even more serious is the loss of the shop's survival and development foundation. - Brand therefore incompetent store clerk is the biggest black hole costs and profits," which gives the salesperson's ability to sell a higher Claim. Under the impact of electricity providers, terminal sales competition is even more comprehensive capabilities frontline sales staff. "Batch" to build a terminal to becom Cheap air jordans for sale e super shopping guide staff has entered the "winter" of shoes and apparel industry companies compulsory. Qiu always a well-known women's human resources director said: through cultural advocacy, training and institutional guarantees, etc. regular meetings to explain the way, the brand concept is passed to the shopping guide staff, which is the brand of clothing "to give the brand a very profound connotation," the inevitable demand, while but also on the knowledge of the structure of Shopping guide staff complement - goods such as knowledge, when the season's fashion trends, color and color matching skills, customer psychology research, etc., these implants will increase knowledge of the staff in the face of different customer shopping guide When sales confidence, but also to the customer's experience will be different, to appreciate the professionalism of brand clothing shopping guide. In peacebird women, for example, shopping guide staff are fashion consultant, is to help women become fashionable white-collar white-collar women, to become party queen, a woman becomes finer things in life. This requires companies undoubtedly effective training. However, most enterprises training their employees is difficult to say to what extent due to the training and to enhance the performance, because we never had an effective way to track data before and after training; also difficult to say which of its employees the most urgent areas training, because we never training needs feedback mechanism of the system; what is more difficult to say clear focus on learning each employee or potential demand, because every training are "iron rice bowl", unified progress, unity difficulty, uniform depth ...... The training of "inefficient" not just in corporate sales training shoes and apparel industry, but for shoes and apparel companies cheap jordans , because the decline in the overall trend, leaving their window of opportunity is not much. "De terminal in the world," is recognized by law, but the number of the implementation of this axiom of "super shopping guide" in the enterprise actually rare. As China's reform process, like shoes and apparel company's sales staff training and management changes to "re-departure" critical stage. accurate training data support under In fact, the super shopping guide is not difficult to cultivate, for the enterprise, with more than long learning materials for all the Purchasing Guide, we will make every employee to "super shopping guide" a step forward. Employees of a small step, but it is a big enterprise. But this time, for the already stretched garment enterprises also need an account balance: for every employee to provide such training, training venues, trainers, training of all personnel during travel, etc., for It has been very meager profits for companies, but also increasing costs. Such trends often for new training is necessary, one year, the training investment will increase a lot. Therefore, the key issue is to find the most "efficient" way of training, so that the "super shopping guide" is not a "rare species", but an enterprise of each terminal stores "standard." At present, some companies have begun to try to enhance the efficiency of training, such as teacher training once asked a class, and then pass through the video lectures all employees. It can be said that the training phase 2.0, but in the case of more intense competition, training efficiency gains not only in this level is the only way to enter the 3.0 era. It can be said in this area leave sooner go the more lasting, long-term. "First of all, only a very limited from the experience of one or several trainers get, but if current corporate training methods, a dozen or even dozens of training arrangements is undoubtedly a huge cost of inputs; In addition, This site training plus video playback mode, the drawbacks of traditional training has not changed - in fact different needs of each employee, companies should provide more personalized for each employee & quot; & quot ;. nutrients such as sports shoes and apparel commodities Purchasing Guide born female fashion trend is very sensitive, so it is not interested in sports, so she needs to know more about the psychology of sports fans; and the case for men Purchasing Guide maybe just the opposite, if they both use the same training materials The result is the Purchasing Guide have stayed at & quot;. & quot ;, the general level of performance improvement no significant effect "super shopping guide APP design consultant in Li Wei said in an interview. Li Wei believes that long-term commitment of garment enterprises in training to do: First, solve the issue of training - learning mode mobile Internet, anytime and anywhere, do not take the continued penetration training working time. Every two days, a knowledge point, throughout the whole year; Second, with the information exchange system - the mobile Internet learning interactive, shopping guide not only the headquarters of information received (hand toward the headquarters of the terminal), can also serve as "eye to see the headquarters of the terminal" Feedback Terminal competitive intelligence to headquarters; three responses puzzle, personalized solutions, similar to the dictionary - any knowledge at any time using a mobile phone access, the need to deal with work, such as a customer suddenly asked to details associated with the brand - Lai Seer (Fiber what) is the manifestation of (a knowledge of more diverse:? video, graphic animation, text, respond quick access); Fourth, to enhance the consumer experience -pad, product information on the phone can be used as store to the customer at the time show a significant move up the "people-oriented" way of sale. Such as: customer like a series of design, but want to see more styles, shopping guide can invite customers to view on a pad or mobile phone, and directly in single shop online. Easy OtoO, office to online; five private space enterprise, work information can flow. At the same time, managers can also learn shopping guide staff through the background data click on the subject of what is the most, or what a bit Purchasing Guide constantly clicking courseware is targeted as its training and guidance, such as increasing certain topics to deepen the content, or open a new topic content. do if all this training system means a substantial increase in training costs it? "On the contrary," Wei said, mobile Internet is characterized by high performance, cost-effective. "Enterprises need to invest only a fraction of the cost of traditional training, one or even a dozen points can achieve their goals - truly grasp the end, the winning end!" (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe Information Centre. Media Partner: Apparel IT & nbsp; global fashion brand network)New Balance 577 new color is now on sale 2015-07-01 16:28:28 A few days ago New Balance shoes again for its classic 577 introduced a new color, the designers use charcoal gray black combination constitutes uppers, in combination with carbon fiber material and mesh, let filled with good texture, but to ensure that the shoes breathability and comfort, and low-key restrained color, very consistent with the trend of favorite players, it is learned that the shoe store has been selling some of the designated landing, and interested friends can focus the next friends. & nbsp; Air Jordan 6 "prevention of breast cancer," football shoe release 2014-10-06 11:42:44 October of each year are the major brands to launch anti-breast cancer products Otsuki, a few days ago for the Jordan Brand's spokesperson olive launched a campaign to build a pair of special Air Jordan 6 "prevention of breast cancer," color, shoes overall to mark the of pink throughout the body of the shoe, with a white midsole and lining and tongue, and insole is printed with fans of Logo, in order to highlight the theme, the shoes are currently no specific commercial information, like friends may wish to continue Follow us on follow-up reports. & nbsp; New Balance M576 "Punk & amp; Mod" series available information 2014-07-10 15:49:35 & nbsp; New Balance recently inspired by the British punk rock and Mod subculture, brought a new "Punk & amp; Mod" for its classic shoes popular M576 series. Wherein, "punk" with a black high-quality leather to create shoes lined the textures do with Socrates-style modification, followed by a British flag. "Mod" is constituted by a brown leather shoes are lined with the use of plush material. Currently, two shoe shop already purchased abroad. & nbsp; Recently the German high-performance apparel brand to join Nike Sportwear Acronym brought us a pair of new joint shoes, overwhelmed by designers choose to Lunar Force 1 is modeled, but will update its comprehensive, not only iconic Acronym The high-performance quality into them, and offers extraordinary texture and visual enjoyment, simple black and white color, large zipper uppers, all let us feel the tide of breath. It is reported that the shoes will be April 9, the first sale in Europe, Nike official elsewhere Write announced, interested friends, please continue to focus our follow-up reports.

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